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Hey beauties, I'm Julia, Pixie Swimwear's founder.  I've dreamt of having my own business where I can share my creations with the world, since I was a little girl.  All Pixie Suits are handmade by me.  I think it's important to keep businesses small, and to reduce the amount of damage to our beautiful home, Earth.<3 My mission is to create unique, high quality swimsuits that will be suitable for as many body types as possible.  We all deserve to feel

beautiful and powerful in our clothes<3 I love supporting local photographers and models, and giving them a safe space to create art with me.  I couldn't do what I do without my lovely friends<3 I hope you find something here that makes you feel magickal! 


Meet Our Models<3

Browse our models to help you find the perfect size for you!

Pixie Swimwear

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